Consultation Phase Two: Our Resources

To help initiate discussion we have suggested some of our diocesan resources. Of course, there will be more and we would like you to identify them and share them with us (e.g. in parishes, individuals or the diocese).

We have also provided specific information about the diocese: the numbers and demographics of our clergy; numbers of laity including those publicly worshipping; number of parishes including where they are situated; Mass times; number of churches (condition to follow) and finally the finances of each parish and the diocese. These can be read by clicking on the relevant links below. Meanwhile Jake McInnes, the diocesan Finance Manager, has provided background to help us more easily understand the statistics and a link to her video will be available shortly.

Diocesan Resources

Our resources include:

  • God that God is with us always is clearly our greatest resource
  • The Church and the SacramentsThe Church is the Body of Christ and Jesus continues to minister among us today, including though the Sacraments
  • Lay faithfulamong us are many who love and faithfully serve God
  • Clergy we have men who have answered God’s call to serve as priests and deacons
  • Religious HeritageWe have a rich heritage which goes back over 1,500 years
  • Unique Culture our diocese is unique with its Gaelic culture
  • Nature we are surrounded by the majesty of God’s Creation
  • New Arrivalsour parishes have been enriched by people relocating from other parts of Scotland and beyond
  • Sense of Community - both locally in parishes and beyond
  • Tourists we are regularly joined in worship by tourists

However, the reality is also that while some resources remain significant other have declined due to factors such as depopulation, the effects of Covid, lapsing from practice of the faith and fewer priests.

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