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We'll Be Led by the Spirit - Hymn

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Dedicated to Bishop Brian and the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles

As we open our minds to the wisdom of God,
Inspired by his love and his care,
His word will nourish the hope in our hearts,
Help us to journey in prayer.

We’ll be led by the Spirit,
Growing in faith as we pray.
We’ll follow the footsteps of Jesus, our Lord;
His love will show us the way.

As we open our ears to the whispers of God,
Alert to his merciful call,
We’ll seek his guidance in choosing our path,
Heartened whenever we fall.

We’ll be led by the Spirit …

As we open our hearts to the love of God,
Our courage will strengthen and grow.
We’ll use our talents in service and love,
Go where he wants us to go.

We’ll be led by the Spirit …

So we’ll open the doors of the House of God,
We’ll welcome the poor and oppressed,
We’ll visit the lonely and care for the weak,
Comfort the sad and depressed.

We’ll be led by the Spirit …

We’ll Be Led By The Spirit
© Peter Rose & Anne Conlon (

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About the Hymn

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Peter Rose, a parishioner of St Margaret’s, Roy Bridge has collaborated with Anne Conlon to compose a hymn for our diocesan discernment process, aptly entitled Led by the Spirit. Peter has composed many liturgical and devotional pieces including ‘This is our Faith’ and the Mary MacKillop hymn (Let Your Will be my will). I thank Peter and Anne for gifting the diocese with this beautiful prayer. I am confident that the hymn is a great gift to us and will inspire a communal opening to the Holy Spirit when we worship together. I encourage parishes to learn the hymn and that it be sung during diocesan liturgies.

The words and a recording of the hymn are above. Please note that the words and music are copyright protected and only our diocesan clergy have been given permission to copy them and only for parish use.

I pray that each of us will allow the Spirit to be our guide.


Pastoral Letter

Read Bishop Brian's Pastoral Letter outlining the 'Led by the Spirit' process

Pope Francis on Discernment

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Three Considerations

Phase 1. What kind of Church is God calling us to be in Argyll and the Isles today/How can we be more missionary?

Phase 2. What are our resources as a diocese?

Phase 3. How can we best fulfil our mission with our resources?

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