Consultation Phase Two:
Our Diocesan Resources

The video below is a short introduction by Bishop Brian McGee explaining the resources that have been made available for this second phase of our diocesan consultation process. 


Led by the Spirit: as a diocese we aspire, when discerning our future, to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As a Catholic Community we believe that God has intentions for us and we strive to discern what they are and put them into practice. Therefore, our desire is that we be Led by the Spirit.

A Reminder of the Three Consultative Phases

Led by the Spirit has three progressive consultation phases. In Phase One we reflected on six areas where we believe God is calling Argyll and the Isles to focus today. These are the Universal Call to Holiness, Mission, Catechesis, Formation of laity and clergy, Openness to all and Transparency. Every parish was invited to participate and the diocesan collation can be found on this link.

The Second Consultation will focus on Diocesan resources. We will inquire and reflect on the resources Argyll and the Isles has today as we strive to live our vocation.

The Third Consultation Phase will then explore how we can best fulfil what God asks of us with our resources.

The Purpose of Phase Two

It is important to remember that in Phase Two we should not seek solutions. Rather the purpose of Phase Two is to assimilate information about our diocese and its parishes, to acknowledge both the many resources we have but also those which are depleted or even lacking.

Reading, reflecting and discussing the information provided will help us better understand Argyll and the Isles today and its likely projection for the foreseeable future.

How to Read the Material

There is lot of information provided but this is necessary to understand the diocese. However, it is not advisable to try and read it all in one go. This is why the material has been separated into various sections and each can be reached via the relevant link below. Therefore, you can read as much or as little as you want, at your own pace and when it suits you best.

From September to November there will be opportunities for you to discuss the material during parish meetings.

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