True discernment asks us to be people of prayer, reflection, humility, openness, generosity and effort

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Consultation Phase Two:
Our Diocesan Resources

A very big thank you to everyone who participated in any way in Phase One of our Led by the Spirit discernment process. The report of the Phase One process is available here.

We now move to Phase Two, where we consider the resources that we have here in the Diocese of Argyll & the Isles. In this phase we should not seek solutions. Rather the purpose  is to assimilate information about our diocese and its parishes, to acknowledge both the many resources we have but also those which are depleted or even lacking.

Reading, reflecting and discussing the information provided will help us better understand Argyll and the Isles today and its likely projection for the foreseeable future.

You will see in Phase Two that there is lot of information provided, but this is necessary to understand the diocese. A word of caution - please do not try and read it all in one go. The material has been separated into various sections and each can be reached via the relevant link provided. Therefore, you can read as much or as little as you want, at your own pace and when it suits you best.

From September to November there will be opportunities for you to discuss the material during parish meetings.

Introducing Phase Two

Why we should all be involved

Cropped Led By The Spirit Logo B.png
Cropped Led By The Spirit Logo B.png

Click below to listen to the hymn "We'll Be Led By The Spirit" by Peter Rose & Anne Conlon. Visit our resources page to learn more about it, view the words and download the music.

Introduction from Bishop Brian McGee

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I love the Church! I love the Universal Church, spread across the world, and I love our Local Church which is the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles!

As your bishop I write to you about a deep conviction that is in my heart. As a diocese we need to discern together God’s Will. I invite us all to prayerfully listen to the Holy Spirit so that in the Highlands and Islands of contemporary Scotland we may be the Church God wants us to be, especially asking how does God want Argyll and the Isles to become more missionary?

I have lived among you and been your shepherd for almost seven years. I have travelled across our diocese praying, listening and sharing with you. I rejoice in and give thanks for the great goodness and deep faith in clergy and laity throughout our diocese. I am also aware that we face serious challenges. Prayerful reflection has confirmed my long-held conviction that disciples must listen to the Master’s voice. I ask you what is best: for us to do the good deeds we consider are necessary or to ask God what he wants us to be?

In my Pastoral Letter I reflect on the beauty of the Church and its calling, the reality of the problems we face, why I am full of hope and propose how we can together discern God’s Will. I take personal leadership of this discernment process as a sign of the importance I place upon it.

Resources you can read...

Pastoral Letter

Read Bishop Brian's Pastoral Letter outlining the 'Led by the Spirit' process

Pope Francis on Discernment

5 talks on Discernment by Pope Francis from his weekly audiences, Autumn 2022

Phases in the Process

Phase 1. What kind of Church is God calling us to be in Argyll and the Isles today/How can we be more missionary?

Phase 2. What are our resources as a diocese?

Phase 3. How can we best fulfil our mission with our resources?

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