Timetable for Diocesan Discernment Process

Task Purpose Timescale Completed
Consult Clergy Initial discussions re discernment process May - June 2022 June 2022
Form Working Group Organise process August 2022 August 2022
Launch Process Inform & encourage

entire diocese

First Sunday of

Advent 2022

November 2022
Spiritual Preparation Open people to discern Dec 22 - Jan 2023  
Bishop’s Parish Visits Bishop shares his vision while listening Dec 22 -Jan 2023  
Consultation Phase 1 Discern God’s Will for

our diocese



Diocesan Collation Synthesise contributions May 2023  
Consultation Phase 2 Our resources June-August 2023  
Diocesan Collation Synthesise contributions September 2023  
Consultation Phase 3 How to fulfil our mission with our resources October 2023-  
Diocesan Collation Synthesise contributions After Phase 3 concludes  
Decide & implement Apply discernment After collation  
Further discernment During and post implementation Ongoing N/A

Phase 3 consultation is presently open ended as this third stage may take longer than three months. The issues may be multiple and complicated. However, having the phase open ended does not mean that it will run for longer than necessary but only ensuring sufficient time is provided.
There is a final phase entitled ‘Further Discernment’. This reflects the Pope’s desire that synodal reflection becomes a normal feature of Church life.

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