Diocesan Financial Statistics

Explanation of Column headings – Diocese Data

  • Total Income – refers to the total income figure for the year as reported in the diocesan financial accounts, and includes levy income, donations, investment income from funds on deposit and special collections
  • Total Expense – refers to the total expenditure figure for the year as reported in the diocesan financial accounts, this includes payments to the Bishops Conference of Scotland, special collections, Sick and retired priests, ecclesiastical student fees, audit fees and all overheads for office staff and the diocesan and Bishop’s administration
  • Surplus/(Deficit) – refers to the total income figure less the total expense figure for the year, a red figure in brackets, indicates expenditure exceeded income for that year. A black figure indicates income exceeded expenditure.
  • Bank Balance – this is the actual cash held in the bank per the diocesan bank statement as at the 30th of November of each year
  • Funds on Deposit – this is the surplus of deposit cash received from parishes, held in an investment account with Rathbones
  • Loans to Parishes – represents the total value of funds loaned from the diocese to individual parishes – (see parish data above for breakdown)
  • Deposits from parishes - represents the total value of funds deposited by individual parishes with the diocese – (see parish data above for breakdown). These figures are shown in red, as they denote a liability due payable from the diocese perspective
  • Net Position – this is a calculated figure which adds together the funds available in the diocese bank account, the funds held on deposit in the investment account, and the loans due repayable to the diocese, and then subtracts the value of the deposits due payable to the parishes and thereby indicates the true position of the diocese from a cash reserves perspective. It should also be noted that this figure does not include the value of the diocesan property (which only consists of the Bishop’s House).
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